We would be thrilled to be a part of your settlement team! We truly believe that title and lending should tackle every closing as a team to get to the finish line: Clear To Close! Whether it is a purchase or a refinance, we will make you look good with top-notch service, systems, and customer service!

Are you working with an FSBO? Our sister company, Grimaldi Law Firm, can assist with preparing the offer when there is no Real Estate Agent involved!



Real Estate Closings

The Closers Title handles all aspects of your real estate closing to ensure you purchase or sell your property with ease. We will draft, review, and negotiate specific terms of your real estate contract while working closely with you to guarantee you understand each part of the process.

Refinance Your Loan

Refinancing often brings about many questions and options. The Closers Title will help you refinance in the best way for your needs as well as work with your lender to provide them with the title documents they need to close the transaction.

Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are purchasing or selling commercial real estate in Florida, we will help you navigate the often intimidating process. When represented by The Closers Title during your commercial real estate transaction, you can guarantee you’ll take the lead in the purchase.

Residential Real Estate

The residential real estate market in Florida is ever-changing and can seem a bit intimidating, especially to a first-time home buyer in Florida. The Closers Title will remain dedicated to easing this process and ensuring your residential real estate purchase process is one that works best for you and your needs.

Assist in '1031 Exchanges'

The United States Internal Revenue Code, (26 U.S.C. § 1031), A 1031 exchange is the exchange of certain types of property that may defer the recognition of capital gains or losses due upon sale, and hence defer any capital gains taxes otherwise due. The Closers Title will handle any 1031 exchanges necessary during your purchase or sale.

Resolve Title or Inspection Issues

Title insurance from a diligent attorney is one of the most important facets of a real estate transaction. The Closers Title will resolve any issues associated with the title to your property or inspection results.

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