About the Show

Damage control is a weekly series where Melinda Grimaldi and Anthony Agenlillo bring you solutions to help grow your real estate business.

Content comes from their YEARS in the real estate business, experience as business owners, and by inviting amazing leaders in real estate and business to give valuable advice on how to CLOSE DEALS and 🚀 grow your business.

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Whether you have a question about events, handout materials, offers, want to be on the show, or anything else, we are here to answer all your questions.

The Hosts


Anthony Angelillo is the President and Founder of TAG TEAM NATION.
Anthony’s proven technique has been implemented in over several Real estate offices throughout the state of Florida allowing Anthony to reach #1 with his mortgage franchise PRMG.


Since 2009, Melinda Grimaldi, Esq has successfully run a law practice, focusing on Real Estate Closings in the FL area. She helps clients buy, sell, and finance residential and commercial real estate to help make their American Dream come true.

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