Video Marketing 101
  • Understand Why Short Form Videos Dominate.
  • Learn how to master your message in less time with more impact
  • Learn to Create a Video Formula
  • Best Practices to Create Short Form Video 
Play - 01
Unlock the power of ChatGPT
  • What is ChatGPT and AI Automation
  • Ways it can be used for marketing
  • Ways it can be used to leverage your time
  • Demo Show
Play - 02

Not-Your-Average Contract Class
  • Learn all the As Is issues, updates, hot topics, and landmines to ensure you prepare or review offers like a pro for your client
  • The Florida Association of Realtors and the FL Bar Association have recently made changes to the FR/BR contracts. The new contracts went into effect last November 1st. In this class, we will also review the changes 
Play - 03
Interactive Business Planning Workshop
  • List your goals - financial goals, personal goals, professional goals - try using a VISION BOARD
  • Put a due date - a time frame.
  • Accountability partner - You need to have someone who will push you
  • Create a parking lot of all your ideas. Brainstorming

Play - 04

Probate 101
  • How to Determine Whether Probate is Necessary

  •  How to successfully Guide Your Clients
    Through The Probate Process

Play - 05
  • FIRPTA - what is it
  • When does it apply
  • What are the exceptions
  • What to do if you have a foreign seller
  • And of course, how we can help!
Play - 06

Understanding Closing Cost
  • Different types of closing statements and when used
  • What are common closing costs for buyers and sellers
  • Which closing costs vary based on cash or loan deals
  • Which closing costs vary based on the contract
  • Draft seller closing cost estimate
  • Draft buyer closing cost estimate

Play - 07
Reviews of Riders and Addendum for the FAR/BAR Contract
  • The overview of the FAR/BAR riders
  • Explain the purpose and requirements of the addendum to the FAR/BAR riders
  • Discuss the different types of addenda, their implications and the importance of timely execution
  • Discuss the implications of the addendum in terms of parties’ obligations and potential liabilities
Play - 08

Representing Sellers Like A Pro
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Seller's net sheet
  • Understanding Homestead, marriage and how it impacts a closing
  • Who has Authority to sign off if the seller is not an individual
  • More deal killers you need to know about

Play - 09
Representing Buyers Like A Pro
  • How to guide your buyers through the process
  • Buyer's closing cost
  • Different ways to take title
  • Surveys
  • Buyer's Marital Status and its impact at closing
  • Loan types
  • What agents need to know about title insurance
  • And other deal killers
Play - 10

Preparing For A Shift
  • Importance of Mindset
  • How to review your existing business for efficiency and effectiveness W
  • What to change in marketing and sales to make an impact

Play - 11
Property Taxes
  • Ad valorem vs non ad-valorem
  • When taxes are due and tax periods
  • What is a trim notice
  • How taxes are handled at closing at different times of year
  • Homestead and portability
Play - 12

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